My fellow Chamber members,

“The Why?”  A question that all of us members must reflect on.  When reflecting on “Why I am a member of the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce (HJCC)?”, for me it is about all the friendships that I have made through the years.  It is about working on projects and attending the different events.   As an organization we need to identify “The Why?”, then we will recruit more new members.  With this COVID 19 pandemic our lives will be forever changed.  Please share your “Why” with friends and colleagues as we continue to focus our attention on growing our membership.

My journey has come to and end.  It truly has been an honor and pleasure to represent the HJCC as your Chairman of the Board.  It has been a challenging term, but change is good. Thank you all for supporting me through this year.  It started with the Inauguration and Servco Centennial Celebration.  Thank you, Eric Tsugawa and the committee, for a great job in putting together the event.  The 2019 Chopstick and Wine was unbelievable.  Thank you to Jason Ito and the committee for a job well done.  We were fortunate to celebrate our 75th anniversary of the Shinnen Enkai 2020.  Thank you to Chair Randall Chung and the committee for organizing the event.  We also would like to the thank the Sensei’s and the cast of the Shiranami Gonnin Otoko.  We were truly fortunate that these fundraising events were successful.

This is the end of my chapter of this journey and now we will come together and support Jason Ito our proven leader.  Please give him all your support like you have done for me.  This is not the end for me as my journey will continue and new friendships will be made in the HJCC. 

A special thank you to the HJCC office staff Mai Shiomi, Merilyn Oda, Mina Sakai and Wayne Ishihara for your support to keep the chamber up and running.

Arigato gozaimasu

Jon Tsukamoto
Chair of the Board
Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce – 2019-2020

Vice President
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

June 2020