[HJCC COVID-19 Conversation: Members Moving Forward] Seiji Aspengren (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Landmark Logistics Corporation)

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William (Seiji) Aspengren
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Landmark Logistics Corporation
[HJCC Board of Directors, HJCC Member since 2007]

As chief executive officer and chief financial officer for Landmark Logistics Corporation, Seiji is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.

How has your company adapted during this time? 

I think my company has adapted well to this situation given the circumstances.  Our systems allow us to work remotely for the most part, so having staff transition to working from home wasn’t a huge hurdle.  Our IT and phone systems are able to work outside of the office so we were really fortunate to have this capability.   

What has your company done to pivot and do you think this will continue into the future? 

Although we haven’t changed our business model or “pivoted” in a dramatic way, we have changed the way we approach sales.  We are working hard on developing an inside sales team focusing on house accounts and current business, and utilizing the stay at home orders to work on our goals and objectives of the sales team in general.  We have hired a professional sales consultant to work with our team via Zoom to strengthen their skills and how to close more business over the phone and video conferencing platforms. 

In what way has your industry changed and what do you think it will look like going forward?

I don’t think our industry (freight forwarding) has changed very much. I would imagine it will look the same going forward. If anything, I think this situation will present opportunities for companies to consolidate via acquisition from larger, more stable companies. 

What advice do you have for other businesses? 

I think that advice will be different depending on what business you operate or what industry you are in.  Above all else, try to see your business in weeks, months, years from now and using educated assumptions, try to determine what steps you need to take to create the desired outcome for your business.  For some, just waiting it out may be enough, but for others, a complete overhaul may be necessary. 

What is giving you hope right now? 

What is giving me hope is that regardless of how long this lasts, there should be an “end date” at some point.  Also, knock on wood, I’m hoping that we have seen the worst and that, albeit slowly, we can start to increase from where we are today. 

[HJCC Member since 2007]
Landmark Forwarders is a vanguard freight forwarder company with more than 60 years of experience that provides comprehensive shipping and logistics services between Hawaii and the U.S. Mainland. 

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