Mahalo for joining us at Building A Foundation Webinar


Mahalo for joining us at HJCC Webinar “Building A Foundation for Success”

By Co-Chairs Tobie Wada and Derek Kaneshiro

Throughout the development of our professional and personal journeys there has no doubt been countless moments in your life where you’ve leaned on someone you trust for advice, assistance, or guidance. Whether the person you turn to is a colleague, friend, or family member, the importance of those learning moments are undeniable. These individuals can help guide, shape, and direct your present situation and help you build a foundation for the better.

On Wednesday, December 16th, the Small Business Advocacy Committee and Women’s Diversity Initiative Committee presented a Talk Story: Building a Foundation for Success featuring Paul Yokota (President, FCH Enterprises) and Melanie Okazaki (Regional Marketing Manager, McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawai’i), and moderated by Cynthia  Yamasaki (Outreach and Marketing Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration, Hawai’i District Office).  There were approximately 35 attendees who participated in this interactive event. 

Both Melanie and Paul prepared personalized presentations to share about their journeys, lessons learned, milestones, and words of wisdom with one another and HJCC/HJJCC attendees. While two very different stories were shared, the importance of fostering relationships and surrounding oneself with people who support, encourage, and ground us, resonated throughout. As we phase out of an arduous 2020 that has taught us to “be like bamboo” (resilient and flexible), and lean into 2021 to “be daring, be first, and be different” regardless of the challenges that we may face. 

If you have missed the zoom presentation, you can view it at YouTube.

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