76th Shinnen Enkai - New Year's Celebration

76th Shinnen Enkai - New Year's Celebration -
Article by Derek Kaneshiro (Co-Chair)

76th Shoko Shiranami Gonin Otoko Cast Members
Seated: Myles Shibata [Kojo]; Left to Right: Dean Yoneshige [Meakashi Kingoro], Crystine Ito [Nango Rikimaru], Jenna Teruya [Akaboshi Jyuzaburo], Kari Kiyota [Tadanobu Rihei], Kailey Onizuka Wong [Benten Kozo Kikunosuke], Kaiulani Shinsato [Nippon Daemon]

View on YouTube: https://youtu.be/rXIM5qJuU-U

On Saturday, January 8th, 2022 the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce premiered the 76th Shinnen Enkai on YouTube.  This was the 1st Virtual Shinnen Enkai event in the Chamber’s history and the 2nd all-female cast of dorobo actors! 

There were approximately 70+ views during the event and total view count as of February 7, 2022, was 205!  In addition to the performance of our very talented cast members, the audience was treated to a Nagauta: Sambaso dance performed by Hanayagi Mitsujyuro of the Hanayagi Dancing Academy.  Sambaso is a celebratory dance that traditionally opens a kabuki season and is a prayer for prosperity and abundance. 

Viewers were able to enjoy watching the Shoko Shiranami Gonin Otoko play from the comfort of their home or favorite viewing place and enjoy a delicious Osechi meal from Rinka Restaurant.  Sponsor meals included ChiChi Dango Mochi from Nisshodo Candy Store, special Shinnen Enkai labeled Beer from BeerLab HI, and a bottle of sake from The Sake Shop in addition to the Osechi meals. 


Arigato gozaimashita to all that made this event possible:

76th Shoko Shiranami Gonin Otoko Cast:

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