Dear Members,


As we approach the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 we all need to work together to SUPPORT LOCAL and have our economy grow.  STAYING HEALTHY and SAFE is our priority and special thanks to my staff led by Merilyn Oda, Mina Sakai and Mai Shiomi.  Without their dedication we would not have our Monday to Friday coverage from 9 am to 5 pm and our continued daily bulletins sent to all of you. The many virtual events has also been successful with the assistance of the staff. Your leadership led by Chair of the Board Jason Ito has been continuing their efforts in looking for new initiatives to lower our operating expenses during these times.  Thank you Jason for organizing the 120th limited edition logo golf shirt purchase which has done very well.   The other focus is member involvement and interest.  The Ways & Means committee led by Steve Teruya and his team of volunteers continues to assist the Chamber in providing interesting venues.  Thanks to Jill Kuramoto and her team the 120th celebration video has been completed.  We will use it at our virtual meetings, website and social media.  To culminate the 120th we are hoping to have an event during the first quarter of 2021.  We are hoping to gather additional donations for this event.  Further information will be sent soon.

Pivot opportunities and transparency are priorities for me as your full time President and CEO.  I appreciate the input that many of you have given us to consider.  Please continue to communicate with us.  We recently sent to all of you our Governmental Affairs survey.  Your input is very important.  Click here to participate in the survey.  From time to time we will continue to generate surveys for your input.  Please be on the look out  for them.

Thanks to Phyllis Kihara we have developed an opportunity for your company to recognize a customer or employee for their continued support.  An investment of a nominal amount will allow you to have a professionally done video that can be used by your company in many ways.  Click here to view one made for Finance Factors with further information about the program.

The continued limitation of event gatherings has impacted our annual New Year’s event highlighted by a Kabuki play which had our members portray characters dressed and made up as late 1800 ronin robbers captured by a police person.  We regret to announce that this event will be cancelled in 2021.

Our Chamber is very fortunate to have active and concerned members who continue to support and implement our many initiatives.  It is appreciated very much.

Let’s all do our part by wearing a mask, keeping our distance and washing our hands to stabilize and improve Hawaii.

Happy New Year!

Wayne T. Ishihara
President & CEO
Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce
(808) 949-5531 x1
[email protected]

December 2020